April, 11 – 2022

Ukrainian defenders dig in as Russia lines up more firepower. In France, it’s Macron vs. Le Pen, again, for presidency. US doubts new Russian war chief can end Moscow’s floundering. Biden, Modi to speak as US presses for hard line on Russia. China makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia. Trump endorses Oz in Pennsylvania’s Senate primary race. Germany seeks to boost renewable energy, cut Russian imports. Pakistan’s PM vows to fight on after Parliament ousts him. S&P downgrade indicates Russia headed for historic default. Amazon seeks to overturn union win, says vote was tainted. Shanghai discharges thousands of patients, boosts supplies. YouTube blocks Russian parliament channel, drawing ire from officials. China’s consumer prices grew at fastest pace in three months in March. Warren Buffett is buying big again. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Saturday that Mexico does not accept the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Three players are threatening to leave Mexico National Team if Javier Hernández doesn’t return. AMLO tests Mexico popularity in referendum. Cancun Hotel Guests Will Now Have To Sign New Form Acknowledging Drug Law. French bank Societe Generale halts operations in Russia. Mexico president López Obrador wins recall referendum.

Interest rate Argentina: 44.5% Russia: 17% Turkey: 14% Brazil: 11.75% Mexico: 6.5% South Africa: 4.25% India: 4% China: 3.7% Indonesia: 3.5% Saudi: 1.25% South Korea: 1.25% UK: 0.75% Canada: 0.5% US: 0.5% Singapore: 0.3% Australia: 0.1% Eurozone: 0% Japan: -0.1%

20.09 21.85 96.11

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