April, 4 – 2022

A New Wave of Covid-19 Is Coming. Oil prices fall after truce in Middle East conflict, petroleum reserve news. Airlines have canceled more than 3,500 U.S. flights this weekend and delayed thousands more, citing weather in Florida and other issues. Lithuania cuts off Russian gas imports, urges EU to do same. Tesla sells 310,000 vehicles in 1Q, despite logistics issues. Chinese President Xi Jinping warns it could take decades to repair economic damage caused by Ukraine crisis. California corporate diversity law ruled unconstitutional. Ukraine accuses Russia of massacre, city strewn with bodies. Man in Germany gets 90 COVID-19 shots to sell forged passes. Taliban clamp down on drugs, announce ban on poppy harvest. NASA delays SLS Moon rocket test due to safety concerns. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Dissolves Parliament, Blocking an Effort to Remove Him. Mexico suspends gasoline subsidy in the border region as U.S. drivers cross border for deals. Alphabet confirms Russia is restricting Google News. China sent the military and thousands of healthcare workers into Shanghai to help execute COVID-19 tests for all of its 26 million residents on Monday. Mexico: “You finish and leave”: opposition groups demonstrated in the country against the revocation of the mandate. India, Mexico have different ways to arrive at same point on Russia: Marcelo Ebrard.

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