March 30 2022

“Communication works for those who work at it.”

John Powell

Asian shares higher ahead of Russia-Ukraine peace talks. Russia promised at peace talks on Tuesday to scale down its military operations around Kyiv and northern Ukraine. U.S. health officials on Tuesday authorized a second COVID-19 booster. President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed into law the first federal legislation to make lynching a hate crime. 8-hour gap in Trump’s Jan. 6 White House phone records. Foo Fighters cancel all dates following drummer’s death. Media measuring company Nielsen to be acquired in $16B deal. Apple faces €5.5 billion lawsuit from Netherlands over its app store. Lotus unveils its first electric vehicle, the Eletre ‘Hyper-SUV’. Ukraine Suffers Significant Internet Disruption Following Cyber-Attack. Shanghai’s Lockdown Tests Covid-Zero Policy, and People’s Limits. Hundreds Arrested in El Salvador, Raising Fears of a Civil Liberties Crackdown. The U.S. and allies are preparing new sanctions on Russian supply chains. Mexico to rent out presidential jet for weddings, parties. Google issued the warning on its official Chrome blog, revealing that Chrome on Windows, macOS and Linux is vulnerable to a new ‘zero-day’ hack (CVE-2022-1096).

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  • Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day
  • International Folding Laundry Day
  • Little Red Wagon Day – (Last Wednesday in March)
  • Manatee Appreciation Day – (Last Wednesday in March)
  • National Doctors Day
  • National I Am In Control Day
  • Pencil Day
  • Take A Walk In the Park Day
  • Torrents Day
  • Turkey Neck Soup Day
  • Virtual Vacation Day
  • Whole Grain Sampling Day – March 30, 2022 (Last Wednesday in March)
  • World Bipolar Day y/o el autor no se hace responsable por la información presentada o por las decisiones que se tomen con base en el contenido presentado, así como la exactitud de las cifras incluidas.

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